Latest New Features


We're working on this right now!

*Mobile Compatibility: new layouts for Mobile devices
*Improved features: based on user feedback features to be announced
*Add starting jump number: this will allow you to put in how many jumps you have made previously to any jumps logged in Jump-Log
*Set your licence type: allows you to put in your current license type into your Jump-Log

*Print Jump-Log: allows you to print your complete Jump-Log
*Extended Jump-Log Views: more ways to view your jumps


3rd Feb 2018 - Bug Fixes

Bugfix: Resolved bug in Add new jumps and add new equipment.  (Now all new subscribers can sign in and add new jumps and equipment)



26th Jan 2018 - Beta Release

First Beta Release:  Our first Beta release is designed for new users to sign up, join our social community and send us feedback on current features and feature request facility so you can send us your ideas on what you want to see and how you want YOUR Jump Log to work.